What's changed?

​Here is an outline of some of the adjustments I have made to the way I work. This is to ensure a hygenic working environment for myself and my clients. The health and safety of myself and my clients is my top priority ensuring that we all stay safe.

Here is a brief run down of the measures I have had to implement.

PPE measures - I shall be wearing a facemask from my arrival until I leave. Where it is not practicable or possible to wash my hands, I shall instead use hand sanitiser frequently during your service.

Using your mobile phone, eating and drinking are not permitted during your appointment. Please make sure that you wash or use sanitiser on your hands before services commence.


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​Working Area - Only the client is permitted to be in the room with me whilst I am working. Where possible doors and windows should be open to allow for airflow. I will need a clean area (such as a table) that can be wiped with anti viral spray,  to place my kit on to work from. All my equipment will have been cleaned before use and when your appointment is finished will be sealed and taken away.

Your Health - It is vitally important that you inform me at the earliest opportunity that you can if you have been ill with the virus or been in contact with anyone who has. This enables me to minimise any risk of contamination of myself, my family and my future clients.

If you require any further clarification please ask for a copy of my full healthcare Policy