Skincare class information

Thank you so much for scheduling your Skincare Class. To get the best use out of our time, please fill out the form below to help me tailor the class to you.

I am so excited to help to design your perfect routine and I am looking forward to seeing you.

Nicola x

Skincare lessons which are booked separately provide you with the easy steps to create a skincare routine designed just for you. As with all lessons, a full breakdown and aftercare guide is included along with any product recommendations.

For an additional fee, I can source a carefully curated selection of cruelty free products for you. You can also chose an interactive 'make your own' option to make nourishing skincare products tailored to you. I am proud to exclusively recommend only cruelty-free products. I believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful skin, and that no animal should be harmed to manufacture these products.

skincare cream swipe

Listed below are products and tools you need to have with you for your lesson.


A bowl of warm (not too hot) water

Your usual skincare products.

Cotton clothes or similar for cleansing and a towel to dry.

If you  have booked the additional interactive option a seperate list will be emailed to you.


  • Which of these options , listed below do you feel best describes your skin, tick all that apply?:
  • Would you like to add the 'make your own' option to your class?:
  • Which of these products do you regularly use, tick all that apply?:
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